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iPad apps & server systems for flexible presentations in the classroom

“With Engage … I’m able to quickly switch between the document camera, the computer or a video with a simple click. The children get their iPads out, quickly log in, then I’m able to share the document with them and we are able to work on it as  a whole class.”

Yvonne Madigan

1st Grade Teacher , Esmond Station K-8, Vail School District, Tucson, Ariz.

“Just in the first week using Engage Pointmaker the kids were a lot more engaged. They were excited! They wanted to use it. They were paying attention more.”


Adrianne Ordaz

Special Education Teacher, Esmond Station K-8, Vail School District, Tucson, Ariz.

Empowers Student Collaboration

Students can solve a problem together in small groups on one or more iPads, even correct another student’s work that is being displayed by the teacher.

Enhances Lesson Engagement

Increases engagement between teachers and students with brightly colored annotation and easy switching between lessons.

Powers Up Core Competencies

Students more easily demonstrate mastery of their knowledge and skills in the classroom or distance learning session that includes Engage Pointmaker.

De-Stresses Work for Children with Disabilities

Colorful digital annotation during lessons helps kids in special education stay attentive and overcome the stress of paperwork.


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