Engage 1-on-1

Share iPad content with another iPad user and annotate over areas of interest while chatting. With this app and a Wi-Fi connection you can ENGAGE in more successful collaborations with a friend, teacher, another student or meeting attendee. Show your iPad content on Apple TV while annotating from your iPad.


What We Offer


With the Engage 1-on-1 iPad app, you  can:

  • Open, zoom and pan all kinds of iPad content from within the app. Engage 1-on-1 automatically creates a snapshot of the content that you can now interact with in many other ways, boosting collaboration to new levels!
  • Share iPad content during collaboration, meetings, classes or just for fun through:
    — a live link with one other iPad user signed in to your meeting.
    — live display of the Engage 1-on-1 screen on Apple TV.
    — sending the Engage content via e-mail.
    — sharing the Engage content on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Annotate or highlight on content before, during and after sharing to call attention to details being discussed in your group.
  • Use 7 colors and 3 line widths to find the best marking contrast to your content.
  • Draw or write on blank backgrounds for brainstorming together. Chose from chalkboard, white board or note paper.
  • Save annotated content to your Photo Stream.
  • Chat with with another user while logged into the same meeting.
  • Free app that works with or without a Pointmaker CPN-EDU server.

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Articles / Case Studies
Five Ways Teachers Can Use Engage 1-on-1 with Apple TV








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