Engage Servers

You can use an Engage app without connecting to an Engage server, but you would then be limited to using the annotation features on your iPad alone. In general, the Engage server relays images and annotations between users who are signed in to the same meeting within an Engage iPad app.


What We Offer

There are three ways you can access the Engage server to unlock the collaboration power of your Engage app — as a cloud server, as software downloaded to your PC or Mac, or as a server that is built into a Pointmaker CPN-EDU or CPN-EDU-LX annotation system. The advantages to each platform are described in their respective tabs.

The Engage Cloud Server (default)

The Engage Cloud Server is the default server for all of our Engage apps. If you changed this setting and wish to return to the Cloud Server, ensure that the Engage Cloud Server option is selected in your Join Meeting menu. Then, when you are connected to Wi-Fi and begin a meeting, you will be automatically connected to the Engage Cloud Server. The Engage Cloud Server allows:

  • Sharing of iPad content other iPad users logged into the same meeting and using the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Chatting with other iPad users logged into the same meeting. and using the same Wi-Fi network.

All cloud server usage is currently free during our trial period. Later in 2016, we plan to charge a tier-based subscription fee for the Engage cloud server, such as:

We are looking for your feedback on how this structure might work best, so feel free to drop us an e-mail.

The Engage Server for PC or Mac

This server is hardware-based for use with a Mac or PC.  It is currently in development. This server will include:

  • The Engage Cloud Server features  plus …
  • All of the advantages of a LAN-based network over a cloud server, including

— Fewer transmission errors while sharing iPad content in a the classroom.
— Increased speed and bandwidth in sharing work.
— Increased security of a private network.

Pricing for this option is not yet available.



Pointmaker Built-In Server

The Pointmaker built-in server includes all of the features of the default cloud server plus:

FULL FEATURES of the Pointmaker CPN-EDU or CPN-EDU-XL including:

  • AV presentation capabilities. You can share images from a variety of audio video sources including document cameras, laptops, computers and DVD players, then display them through projectors, HDTV, your Apple TV, and many touch screen displays (contact us for compatible models).
  • Storage and printing of annotated work.
  • Elimination of cable & AV equipment clutter by combining 4 products in 1 box:

— a video scaler with distribution amp, bringing low resolution Y/C, RGB, YUV and HDMI video to high resolution images up to 1080p
— a video switcher, feeding up to up to 5 HDMI sources to 2 selectable HDMI displays, as well as 1 VGA input and 1 VGA out.
— an AV remote control system
— a robust annotation system

  • Use of a USB Pointmaker keyboard should you ever need to switch video or annotate images from a controller other than your iPad.
  • 1 LAN port
  • Fully upgradable Pointmaker software



Don’t forget to check out our Use Cases page for all the ways an Engage server can be used in the classroom or for distance learning!

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