Use Case

Allows Individualized Teaching

Teachers can work one-on-one with a student remotely from their iPad, encouraging or commenting on the student’s work privately.

With Engage Pointmaker, teachers can interact individually with any of their students while using their iPad. First grade teacher Yvonne Madigan says she uses the system to reinforce a skill, lead a small group, or re-teach a skill if the student was absent due to sickness, a disability or attendance in another class (ESL , etc.)

The teacher and student join through the Engage Teacher and Engage Student app respectively from their iPads with just a tap of the join button.

As Easy as Circling the Rhyming Word — “Once we’ve joined,” Yvonne says, “I’m able to send a document or activity to them from my iPad. For instance, if the student is working on identifying rhyming words in a passage, I can have them underline or circle the rhyming words as I monitor the student from my iPad.”


Their circled or underscored words show up on her iPad, and she can write additional notations that show up on the student’s iPad. “This may be needed to redirect or show the student(s) where to start or end the assignment,” she says.

Yvonne can also write a message with a different color to show corrections or errors to help clear up a point.  The student can erase mistakes on his own iPad, while the teacher can erase all annotations from both iPads with a single tap

Student Receives Direct, Quick Input — By teaching this way, Yvonne is able to give the student direct input quickly, whether  by writing something on the iPad work, or by giving verbal instruction first, followed by the student demonstrating their comprehension on their iPad.

“If there is a list of questions to work on,” Yvonne says, “I’m able to correct them as they continue working. I don’t need to interrupt them.”

Bringing Out the Shy Individual — Yvonne notices that students are especially motivated receiving individualized attention using their iPads rather than paper and pencil. Not only are the results of each private interaction more immediate and effective, but defiant or shy students engage more.

The defiant student, for example, may not want to work with the teacher because they are embarrassed to show their work in front of others.

With individualized instruction via an iPad and Engage Pointmaker, teachers can engage with this student privately, messaging them from their iPad and encouraging them along the way without anyone else knowing.

This more relaxed setup means students are more apt to show teachers and the class what they can do.

“As a teacher, I feel that my students don’t need to be afraid to try on their own or to be put out there in front of everyone if they are shy.  I am able to help them without everyone knowing by tapping to see their work from my iPad, and even correct it with them and encourage them before sharing it with the class.  I can also communicate with them by writing on my iPad directly onto their theirs to engage with them.”

Yvonne Madigan

1st Grade Teacher, Esmond Station K-8, Vail School District, Tucson, AZ

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