Use Cases for Engage Pointmaker

Read about the many ways students, teachers and schools can benefit from using Engage Pintmaker in the classroom, distance learning, and more. Select the case that interests you for more information, or contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

We will be adding details in the months ahead, so check back!

Doubles as Presentation and Distance Learning Presenter

After a distance learning session, you don’t need to “store “ the Pointmaker, collecting dust like other conference equipment. See how it’s used in the classroom   Learn more …

Makes Advanced Placement (AP) Classes More Achievable

Students can take higher level classes from higher level school without leaving their current school campus. Learn more …

Enhances Core Competencies

Students can demonstrate their knowledge and skills more easily in a lesson that includes the Engage Pointmaker integrated with other technology from the modern world. Learn more …

Provides Alternative Suspension Programs

Students enrolled in suspension or credit programs can still receive instructions. Learn more …


Ensures a Virtual School During Extreme Weather

Rural schools more susceptible to extreme weather can still teach students in their homes on snow days, for example, by using the Engage Pointmaker in a distance learning capacity.


Administration Oversight is Easy

The principal can gain evidence of learning by checking in on teacher or student activity at any time from an iPad.


Brings Specialized Teachers into the Classroom

The school district that doesn’t have a specialized teacher (such as a French teacher) can have access to a teacher in a neighboring district, for example.

Provides Remote Class Verification

In distance learning sessions the Engage Pointmaker system allows officials verification of each attendee. Learn more ...

De-Stresses Work for Children with Disabilities

Colorful electronic annotation during lessons helps kids in special education stay attentive and overcome the stress of paperwork by using their iPads. Learn more …

Allows Individualized Teaching

The teacher can work one-on-one with a student remotely using their iPad. Learn more ...

Engages Students in Peer Collaboration

Students can use the Engage Pointmaker system for peer collaboration or evaluation. Learn more …


Adds Another Route of School Security

Because the Engage Pointmaker system can be linked to students, teachers and the principal, it provides another avenue of communication in and out of the classroom should other methods be blocked.

Provides Virtual CTE Training

In Career Technical Education students don’t have to leave their high school campus in order to learn the job skill. Learn more …


Makes Summer School Sessions Easier

Engage Pointmaker system can also prove handy in virtual summer school sessions held at the home rather than at the school.


Brings Needed ELL Teachers into the School

ELL students can receive English language instruction from ELL teachers based in another city or district.


Provides Product Longevity

Pointmaker LLC offers both reliable customer support and product longevity.  Engage Pointmaker systems meet or exceed 10 years of life, with 15 years witnessed in many cases.

Unlocks the Power of Other AV Equipment

Using the Engage Pointmaker allows schools to use legacy equipment as part of their presentation/session. Learn more …


Makes Field Trips More Affordable

Schools can increase the number of field trips each year by holding some of them virtually.

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