Use Case

Benefiting Special Education

One of our beta testers in special education uses the Engage Pointmaker system on a daily basis and notes several key benefits of the system for children with disabilities.

Overall enthusiasm for classwork — “The idea of new technology is exciting for the students, therefore, students are more willing to participate in activities and assignments,” she says.

Having an alternative method for writing on paper is particularly important to one of the teacher’s autism spectrum students. “She has difficulty writing on paper. It triggers behavior,” she says. However, when this student has the choice of using Engage Pointmaker on the iPad or touch monitor, she shows excitement about completing her work.

With Engage Pointmaker, the teacher can send a positive note or write a private message from his/her iPad app directly to the student, even if they are on the other side of the room. Pointmaker’s pre-made “Good Work!” notes flashing across a student’s iPad makes the day that much brighter.

Increased confidence — If students are willing to share their work, teachers can simply click on a button in the Engage Teacher app for iPad to instantly show the student’s work on a large HD display. “If the answer is correct,” she says, “the student gets excited and happy about showing off their accomplishment.”

Individualization & privacy when needed — While the students are working out a problem from within the iPad app, the teacher is able to monitor their work from her iPad with a simple click, checking that the student is on task and understanding the assignment without drawing attention to that student.

If the student is not able to work at the same level as the other students, the teacher is able to provide a personalized problem without anyone noticing, using the Group feature.

Even while assisting one student, the teacher can check on another student’s work.

“Also,” she says, “if the student has a question but does not want to ask it in front of his/her peers, they can click a Help button in the iPad app and the teacher can respond and provide assistance, if needed, without anyone else noticing.”

Freeing the teacher — With the Engage Pointmaker system, the teacher is free to roam the room while browsing the web for material, taking a screen shot of it and easily sending it to the students or show it on a large HD display.

I can keep students engaged at all times,” she says. “Especially when they are done with an assignment. For example, if a student is finished with their work early, I can send the next activity to them while the rest of the students finish up.”

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